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Why I suck (the roast beef post)

I'm going to change my life. Solve some problems and stuff.

Since this is going to be long, I'll cut it. But for those of you who want to know how lardy I am, have a look at this:

My lard chart

All right, now for the admission of failure and the plan to resolve, behind the

At the moment I am obese. This is going to change. Mostly it's caused by eating when I'm bored, and because it seems like time to eat. From now own, I'm not going to skip breakfast.
I'm going to pack my lunches and I'm going to prepare healthy dinners. Also, I think I should probably have a few meals frozen ready to go in case of toolateitis.

Waking up on time. I think the way to do this is practice. I'll try simulating getting up each evening so that my response to the alarm clock becomes a conditioned response.

Procrastination and disorganisation go hand in hand. Luckily I'm getting better at recognising when I'm doing it. GTD helps.

The biggest trick is developing the habit, and ensuring environmental cues don't override good intentions.

I'll need to plan this.
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